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Jun 28, 2022

To celebrate the end of Season 2, we once again drop the bit and answer your questions as earnestly as we possibly can. There are tears, there are laughs, and there's even a Big Announcement. Who ever said two gay cancers can't have it all? 

Jun 21, 2022

It's time to officially kick off Forgetful Girl Summer, and who better to do it with than the ORIGINAL Glamour Girl, StraightioLab All-Star Nori Reed! And let's just say a LOT has changed since she was last on. After announcing an exciting new Pride partnership with a brand that means a lot to all of us, Nori gabs about...

Jun 14, 2022

In one can hear you podcast...and that's only the beginning of why we're not going there! in this ep, ocean-advocate Alison Leiby comes on to provide enough negative press on space to shut down NASA once and for all. But this episode knows no bounds and also covers a laptop-based economy, shrimp's inner...

Jun 7, 2022

StraightioLab officially enters the stan wars as we welcome our first ever guest whose fan army DEMANDED her appearance on the show via a viral social media campaign (two emails). Luckily she is a dream guest who manages to do something many have failed at — making us think. On today's agenda: The streaming service...