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Apr 26, 2022

This week Dan Licata joins the boys to discuss the last taboo in our culture. After he recounts a tragic shit-based incident, the panel discusses a variety of questions, including: Which bodily functions are gay and which ones are straight? Is the porta potty the only space that can never be queered? Can you be...

Apr 19, 2022

She's serving body AND face... and her name is Timothée. Long-time Chalamet scholar Rachel Kaly joins Sam and George to delve into his ascent, and what it means for the state of social justice around the world. Plus: We come up with a new idea for how the economy could work. And it's NOT sustainable! 

Apr 12, 2022

Today on the pod it's lil devil's only as River L. Ramirez joins Sam to co-host this ep on Lucifer himself. An array of damning topics are covered from dream roles on And Just Like That to the actually cool personality George's presumed kidnapper. Stick around for the end of the ep for real biblical scripture as told by...

Apr 5, 2022

Today the boys welcome former investigative journalist Melissa Rich on the pod to uncover the sordid TRUTH about game night. But like any investigation, it's all about asking the right questions. Questions like...can games be a commentary? Can society itself be a game? And is being in your thirties a gateway drug to...